Welcome aboard!

Hi everyone, welcome to our soon to be famous life blog!

Who are the people running this blog? 


IMG_4229Born in Montreal some years ago, I’m a biology student completing a master degree at Université de Montréal (UdeM). I’ve always been the quiet type, somewhat introvert and never disturbing anyone. However, I have always been ambitious, having multiple projects simultaneously and trying to do everything. Thus, I make various realizations, from cute illustrations to complex scientific reports, violin performances and beautiful gardens. Like every human on this planet, the laziness often dominate my everyday life and it is only recently that I seriously began to work out this horrid scourge.

I’m interested in nature and human’s realizations. I love art ( comics, music, painting, cinema & literature). I want to see everything in the world, I want to travel as much as my legs will allow me and I want to experience magic things with people I love.

You can see for yourself that I’m a curious little lad, hoping to have a great time during his time on this small planet.


IMG_7505I grew up surrounded by nature and one day I would love to go back to it. A peaceful place, green in the summer, with a forest and water nearby. Or, let’s be crazy, live by the sea. I studied visual arts as a young adult and I am now developing my practice and finding my place in the world. My principal subjects are portraits, everyday life, and abstraction in color and form. I work at the same time in a journal (journal/sketchbook), different sketchbooks for bigger drawings and paintings, and on canvas. I did some murals recently at home and found that it is a completely different relation that painting on canvas. I am a big reader, I always loved to write, I love to take pictures, draw, paint, make collages, study and represent everyday life. Meeting my boyfriend Paul changed my life in the best way, and we have so many projects to share with you.

What about a blog?

Since we met, a bright future of exciting adventures and enterprises slowly appeared in front of us, uniting our personal ambitions and aspirations. Being together promises reaching of some of our life goals, which are otherwise less accessible and attractive when alone. Fixing goals in a relationship allows constant motivation in everyday life and it’s easier to support each other in difficult times. Doing a blog seems like a great way to “officialize” those objectives and to progressively conceive them. Moreover, there’s no better way to get in touch with the amazing community of people aiming for similar ambitions. Out there, there’s a whole world of generous helping fellows full of good advises and maybe someday, via our blog, it will be our turn to inspire others. In short, don’t be surprise if you see posts about traveling, food porn, insects, paintings, cultural outings, tiny house, eco-friendly way of living, gardening, literature, manual works, dogs and many more!!

We will try to post as frequently as possible, in both french and english, and hope to soonly interact with you guys! Thanks for visiting, enjoy!IMG_3772

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